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BEDC: Barbaric Errors Destroying Community.Police World
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Get There Like Usain bolt ! how it works powered by drop the nigerian rider database !! »

DROP Introduction A free/subscription-based rider and plus -sharing service is the hub of our service. Connecting a drop Rider with a drop Driver through our platform. Where in this context, a drop Rider is otherwise known as someone who requests for a ride and the drop Driver as the giver of the ride requested

Here is a step by step guide on how to request a ride: Step 1 A Hailer launches the website: or The rider types his destination into a form or searches for drivers in his location and calls them direct no need to login or register !

Step 2 The drop rider is matched with a Driver from the search results or a driver calls him if he is in the area A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the Rider’s trip request. The rider is automatically notified by sms or a phone call when the driver accepts the request. If the driver accepts the ride request, riders will automatically get a notification of the driver details and where rider wants pick up station. If the driver cancels the ride, riders will be matched with another driver.

Step 3 The driver picks up the rider at the agreed station The driver and the riders verify each other and their respective destination . Then the driver starts the ride !

Step 4 The driver takes the Rider to the destination or if the rider knows better routes vice versa ! Our platform gives the driver the option to access detailed directions, so the driver can concentrate on a seamless ride and afford the rider a comfortable and safe ride.

Step 5 The driver and rider rate and review a completed ride using facebook At the end of a requested ride, drivers and riders can rate and review each other

VIEWS 699 HITS CALL DROP.COM.NG 2348064950565

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