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The National Union of Electricity Employees has accused the BEDC Electricity Plc of allegedly implementing unfriendly labour policies.
One of the pharmaceutical companies indicted in the BBC documentary video on codeine production and distribution in Nigeria, Bioraj Pharmaceutical Limited, Ilorin, has suspended the store man shown in the video with immediate effect.
abi hi i have been browsing today i have not wached nay movies or anything checked my balance and i just have 243 mb left !         Chat started Stephanie joined the chat abi how is that possible !         Stephanie Good afternoon,welcome to Glo Livechat. My name is Stephanie         Okay         May I have your number?         abi my phone number is 0805,,,,,,       Stephanie Okay         We apologize for the inconveniences         Kindly note that several factors may be responsible for quick depletion of data. Such factors include automatic updates on device in use; resolution of device in use; the size of data being downloaded from the internet; streaming, data sharing via Hotspot, video calling apps, YouTube, background application updates etc.

To confirm usage/application on your device and the shared device, kindly follow the steps below:

· Go to settings
· Select Data Usage
· Select under mobile GloNg (dual SIM phone)
· Set data usage cycle

This will give you a breakdown of data usage per application and also assist in knowing which app(s) uses data without your knowledge. However, note that this does not capture data shared via hotspot or HSI Data sharing service.

You can also follow the steps below to view a log of the data transactions on your line:

- Visit hsi.glo.com

- Click on settings

- Click on History         abi ??? what happend         hsi.glo.com is not working         Stephanie http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/       abi error ! This site can’t be reached
hsi.glo.com’s server IP address could not be found.
Go to http://glo.com/
Search Google for hsi glo HSI SelfCare Portal         Stephanie You should be able to access this link http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/ if you have an active plan         abi i have not downlaoded or pudated nothing !         the thing just stole all my data !         Stephanie Please contact the specialized help desk for further assistance
Kindly call 444 or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b = '3gsupport' + '@'; addy3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b = addy3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b + 'gloworld' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_text3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b = '3gsupport' + '@' + 'gloworld' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b').innerHTML += ''+addy_text3cc17e76a39a58e6bbe7bff0be6e700b+'';         abi in less than 3minutes         Stephanie We apologize for the inconveniences         abi Wow ! just like that         this is not the first time this is happening !         your company seems to deduct data when it likes very very bad !         Stephanie Data is deducted based on your usage         You can call 444 for further assistance         Will that be all for now?         Thank you for visiting Glo Livechat. Have a nice afternoon.         Stephanie left the chat Chat rated Bad         Tina Customer support ? ? Chat started abi ???         ???         Tina joined the chat Tina Good morning, welcome to Glo Livechat. My name is Tina.How may I help you?         abi i cant use my 12am to 5am         08058239039         weekend ight         since 3am nothing         Tina May I have your number?         abi hsi.glo.com         i just typed my number         Tina Okay         Kindly turn off your mobile data and turn it on back         The weekend plan will take effect         abi i have done that ten times         Tina The 500 plan expired on 26/04/2018         abi that is the anytime plan         there is a weekend plan still active         hsi.glo.com         it ends on the 29th         i have used 1.3gb out of 3gb         Tina Yes         May I know if you turned off your mobile data not your device?         abi i said i have turned off data and back on         same thing !         Tina Okay         Kindly swap your device         abi ???         Tina The plan is still paused         abi nothing wrong with my device         Tina You should be able to use it         abi how can it be paused !         wow         Tina May I know your APN settings?         abi i can browse only hsi.glo.com         APN ??         there is nothing wrong with that         Tina May I know what you have as APN?         abi thanks .. i see you are just wasting my time .GLO is the worst network i have used in my entire life .your customer service is appaling . you guys can keep the data Totally Totally TERRIBLE SERVICE . i know you people dont care anyway but YOUR SERVICE IS A SCAM !   Leave a Comment